Kasi Opi’s “Rain” Ft. Nevve Is A Bittersweet Journey Into The Past


Photo: PR courtesy

Atlanta-based artist Kasi Opi has unveiled his debut single “Rain” ft. Nevve. It’s a bittersweet look into a past relationship where he gives us a mellow rush filled with chest-swelling melancholia that glides through your system. It’s buoyant with a pinch of nostalgia as he shuffles through the memories. Stream below:

On the single, he shared: “It’s always been a dream of mine to make a song with Nevve. I remember when I first got the vocals…I was in a really tough spot and the lyrics were literally perfect. I just got through an abusive relationship and was having a hard time coming to terms with it. This song helped me reflect on that whole chapter in my life. A realization I had was that sometimes things in life can feel like a playful dance between good and bad. We might feel happy or sad, or often both at the same – that’s the feeling I tried to embody with ‘Rain.’”

Kasi Opi was raised in a small town in Texas and has been playing the piano since he was a kid. He started making his own compositions in 2018, infusing various genres into his sound. He’s currently making more music, so stay tuned.