Nick Campbell Destroys Shares Cover Of Rick & Morty’s “Goodbye Moonmen”

Feat. Michael Mayo

Photo: PR courtesy

LA-based artist Nick Campbell Destroys has shared his cover of Rick & Morty’s “Goodbye Moonmen” ft. Michael Mayo along with a Ricky Chavez-directed video. Taking off with glimmering bass chords, “Goodbye Moonmen” is a slow-burning jam that uses minimalistic melody that suspends you in a dreamy dimension. As you dive deeper, Campbell uses an arsenal of cello, violin, and viola strings that weave you with their mellow fluidity. Campbell and Mayo’s vocal swing between stretchy croons and soaring high-pitch accompanied by echoing ahhs that yield a buoyant chemistry. While “Goodbye Moonmen” has its cathartic moments, it’s generally a chill-out tune that never goes above the midtempo. The accompanying visuals features Campbell and Mayo in the galaxy, enjoying the isolation and vastness of the darkness. Yes, the dark side is way cooler:

“The music video for ‘Goodbye Moonmen,’ directed and shot by Ricky Chavez, is a loving, lo-fi homage to the source material. Like the EP it was also made in my home. ‘Goodbye Moonmen’ also features stellar performances by Michael Mayo (Herbie Hancock, Jacob Collier) on vocals and Danica Pinner (HAIM, Moonchild, Deadmau5) on strings.”

Born and raised in LA, Nick Campbell has been honing his music skills since he was young. He has played the electric bass for artists such as Charlie Puth, Meghan Trainor, Josh Smith, Moonchild, and many more. He also leads two bands called Shrek Is Love and Bear Attack. With Nick Campbell Destroys project, he’s been able to explore his industrial sound by blending various genres including jazz, funk, and pop. “Goodbye Moonmen” is from his EP Lo-fi Bass Music For Quarantine, which was released back in August 21st. He’s working on his upcoming debut LP, so keep an eye out.