Before You Move To The Other Side Of The World, Play Loryn Taggart’s “The River”

Indie folk

Photo: Simon Pelletier

Loryn Taggart tells us an intimate story of falling for the wrong person in new single “The River.” Specifically inspired by Taggart’s own experience of moving across the world for someone, “The Rive” is an intimate, minimalistic piece where Taggart’s vocals serve as the emotional engine of the song as she shares her own heartbreak, lessons, and growth from the experience. Stream below:

“‘The River’ is a song about relocating internationally for love, and realizing that it was a one-sided sacrifice. ‘I need a man to cross the river’ is said in a sarcastic measure,” explained Taggart. “I want anyone listening to look at their current relationships and really question why and how they serve their wellbeing. Start to question the balance between self-love and love given. It’s important you have people in your life that are willing to sacrifice for you, the way you would for them.”