Eades Reflect Back On A Chaotic Time In “Forgive My Mind”


Photo: Eades

Leeds quintet Eades is back with a new woozy and broody hymn titled “Forgive My Mind.” With a slacker vibe, “Forgive My Mind” throbs with its hazy instrumentation that buoys your mood. Lyrically, it’s a time-capsule that transports us back to a dark phase of lead vocalist Harry Jordan’s life where he was struggling with his own mental health. Check it out:

On the single, Jordan explained:

“I was reflecting on a time of my life where I was a bit all over the place. I went to go see a doctor and I was prescribed anti-depressants and beta blockers. I appreciate for some people they help and I’m absolutely open to that, but for me they made me feel even worse. I was in a meeting for about 5 minutes and walked out with some pretty hefty prescriptions… I spoke to a friend who suffered from real bad depression and we were on the same dose which I was pretty shocked by.

Although looking back now, the experience definitely pushed me in the right direction which I can now see as a positive.”

“Forgive My Mind” is out now via Bam Bam Records.