Making Friends Is Hard & The Crowleys Admit It In “Making Friendly”

Social labyrinths are tricky

Photo: Jamie MacLean

Making new friends is hard in general – it’s a social labyrinth filled with tricky walls and confusion. Now, add social media pressure and the pandemic into the equation and developing new camaraderie becomes exponentially challenging. The Crowleys admit the harsh reality of expanding your social circle in new single “Making Friendly.” It’s jangly synthpop layered with syncopated beats and series of bursting moments, yielding a cathartic harmony:

In their own words, “Simply put, our new song ‘Making Friendly’ is about making friends. A process that can be full of uncertainty, vulnerability and excitement. Making honest connections can be maze-like. How do you know if someone will accept you? Which version of yourself should you put forward? How do you know which cues to follow and which to let go?”