Neon Pattern Sundial’s “Winter” Is Chill Pill For Your Seasonal Affective Disorder


Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Melbourne, Neon Pattern Sundial – aka Ben Alpine – fuels our melancholia with his latest single “Winter,” an indietronic framework filled with serene air and quivering synths that yield a sonic flight. Peppered with psychedelic elements, “Winter” is a dreamy escapade that feels perfect to remedy the seasonal blues. Enjoy:

Speaking of the track, Ben shared: “I tried to keep the lyrics quite ambiguous and indirect, which honestly came from a place of shyness and not knowing how to write what I felt without fear of criticism. They paint with broad strokes a depression that you just want to be over. The concept is sad, but the sentiment is quite optimistic.”

“Winter” is from his upcoming EP One Moment Never Meant A Thing, which will be out on December 4th.