Bowen Makes Ridiculously Chill Music Like “Jewels on Fireflies”

Meet the breezy newcomer

Still from Bowen – Jewels on Fireflies video

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Bowen is a Chinese-American artist who makes some of the most chill tunes the Internet has ever witnessed. His latest single “Jewels on Fireflies” is a slow-burning jam where Bowen constructs a sense of spontaneous laziness through faded beats that leaves you with a lingering shade of sadness. It’s lo-fi bleached with R&B pop as Bowen tries to untangle the complicated emotional heartstrings of a bad relationship. Hit play:

On his single, he shared: “This song is about relationships and the complications that come with being with a person. As we know relationships are delicate to the point where they determine our emotions. When being in a relationship that isn’t exactly good for you, it comes across as unwilling and daunting to an extent. The song highlights themes about the unhealthy side of a relationship with a significant other. The term ‘jewels on fireflies’ is a metaphor that is open to interpretation and different meanings, such as the materialistic side of a relationship juxtaposed with a lack of emotional connection or the beauty that comes from misunderstanding.”

Bowen has been making music at the age of 14 and eventually transitioned from producer to songwriter with the help of his friends and participation in the school choir. He released his debut single “Mile” at the age of 17 and has been making music non-stop ever since. Keep him under your watch for more beats.