Ola Village’s “A OK” Is For The Highly Unmotivated Creatures Out There

“I haven’t left this room in 30 days”

Photo: Marius Beck Dahle

Ever since the pandemic broke, a lot of us have gone crazier and way more unmotivated to get anything done – Ola Village captures that weird soul-eating feeling in his latest single “A OK.” It’s slacker pop with breezy choruses and shimmering percussions where Ola shuffles through the restless feeling of being down all the time and gives you the frisson boost you need to get out of your room. But within this positive message, Ola also manages to deliver some lighthearted humor. Enjoy:

On his latest single, he shared:

“This year hasn’t exactly been overwhelming with positivity, and working in music has definitely not been easy with everything going on. As a result I was gradually losing my motivation for it all. And that’s something I’ve never been even close to feeling before. At times I’d started picturing myself doing other things. Luckily that changed. After befriending the guy that mixed the single, I regained my motivation. He gave me a much-needed boost in my creative self-esteem. So, to me, the song is now really about hope. Dreaming big and also believing that you can do it. But it’s still mostly just a silly song. I mean, Kanye would never make his own lemonade.”

“A OK” is from his upcoming EP, which he’ll be releasing in 2021.