House of EL “Run Away” Is For Everyone Committed To A Bad Relationship

Soulful pop

Photo: PR courtesy

London artist House of EL (aka Kieron McIntosh) made the ultimate anti-romantic hymn for everyone committed in a poisonous relationship. Parallel to the irony of the situation, “Run Away” approaches the topic with zesty playfulness through hip-shaking beats and smooth sonic air. “I wrote this song, just still in that same soulful musical space again. Just a song about relationships, when you know someone isn’t good for you and you aren’t good for them…. them ones! You know where it’s gonna go, but you don’t listen to your better nature I guess…. sound familiar? Lol …. that’s what this song touches on…..” explained McIntosh. Enjoy:

McIntosh started out as a jazz trumpeter before becoming a well-rounded producer, songwriter, and singer. He doesn’t restrict himself into one genre and cites a diverse array of musicians as his influences – including Joy Division, Massive Attack, Stevie Wonder, and many more. “House of EL is genre agnostic, music for the soul  – music for the people – I get to blend all my experiences and create a soundtrack for life. I am setting the stage for further creativity and taking time to create a timeless artistic legacy that can hopefully stand next to the greats”

House of EL is currently working on his upcoming EP.