Inude Explore Different Coping Mechanisms For Loneliness In “We Share”

Alternative pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Italy, Inude is a trio comprised of Giacomo, Flavio and Francesco who make sun-bleached, alternative pop where they break down some of the heftiest topics of being human. Their latest single “We Share” explores the different ways we cope with loneliness and how our decisions ultimately affect mental health. “We Share” is graced with ethereal tones with its indietronic arrangement where they craft an intimate space for pure honesty and reflection. Stream below:

Speaking of the track, the trio shared: “When the loneliness gets the better of you and other people’s approval no longer eases your insecurity you have two choices: the first, you can hide yourself away in silence but this is the fastest way to get lost and disappear. The second, you can share your feelings and fears, open yourself up to the people around you and face your vulnerability. This is the most difficult option, but choosing this path will teach you to affirm your identity by accepting and loving yourself.”

Like many artists, Inude had to suspend their tour due to the pandemic, but have been using this time to songsmith new materials. “We Share” is out now via Factory Flaws and a glimpse of what the three has in store for us.