The Drives Capture The Pains Of Killing Time In “All This Boredom”

Killing time is slow & painful

Photo: Geffen Shichor

LA-based trio The Drives capture the soul-eating process of killing time in his new single “All This Boredom.” It’s a gritty, bouncy piece where the trio channel an undeniable sense of restlessness filled with silent anxiety as they wait for time to pass. Lyrically, it taps into the dullness that one experiences when waiting for time to heal a heartbreak. However, unlike the heavy-hearted theme, “All This Boredom” has a smoothly-burning swagger that you can feel through the effervescent riffs. Enjoy:

In regards to the new single, vocalist Andrew Levin shared: “This song was inspired by the state of mind I was in directly following the end of a long-term relationship. I knew ending this relationship was the right decision for me but it was still incredibly overwhelming and dark during this transitional period of my life. As a result, I spent a lot of time waiting for these feelings to pass. No matter what I did during this time, I couldn’t shake the anxiety and sadness but I knew it would eventually pass. So essentially, this song tries to capture the boredom and desperation of waiting for time to pass so that you will feel better. It’s probably not a very healthy reaction to what I was going through but it’s what I decided to do for better or for worse.”

The Drives are comprised of singer/guitarist Andrew Levin, producer/songwriter, Casey Chen, and drummer Geo Botelho. The band is currently planning on releasing more singles in the upcoming weeks, so make sure to follow them on Instagram.