Weekend Lovers’ New LP ‘I Love U In Real Life’ Is Made Of Heartbreak Emojis

And groovy strings

Photo: PR courtesy

Tucson-based rockers Weekend Lovers breaks down modern heartbreak while wrestling with our tricky digital era in their new LP I Love U In Real Life. It’s indie rock polished with broody lyrics and visceral hooks that are peppered with magical 80s pop powder. From gut-wrenching moments to daydreaming bliss, the record serves as a contemplative outlet where they look deeper into our own emotional crisis. Stream below:

On the LP, De Leon shared: “I spent most of 2019 recording the album I Love U In Real Life at Midtown Island with Matt Rendon at the helm again from the debut ep. It’s again an entirely 8 track analog no isolation room experience. Some of the songs had been written but most of them I started little sketches on bass and vocals with my assemblage of ‘Superfriends’ powered bandmates – Gabriela Lisk & Danny Perez. Matt was George Martin of sorts playing a lot on the album as well as putting his harmonies ‘Beach Boy’ stamp vocal arrangement on the songs.

Ultimately the songs share some amount of heartbreak. The album title is the gasp of earnest proclamation playing on at our generational speed of drive-by emojis and texts and living far away from my family for so long.”

I Love U In Real Life is out now via Totally Real Records.