Ded Rabbit Drop “Gotta Get Outta This Place/Blues Away”

Rock it out

Photo: PR courtesy

Highlands rockers Ded Rabbit give us an explosive piece to blast our speakers while indulging in a pseudo-escapism in their new single “Gotta Get Outta This Place/Blues Away.” It’s garage rock with gritty basslines, razor-sharp strings, and smashing drums that deliver a slick mixture of garage and indie rock. Lyrically, the band unleashes the frustrations that we feel when we are trapped in a shitty situation – this anthem unshittys everything:

On the single, the band shared: “We played around with a few different feels for this track and decided the playful and up tempo vibe suited it well. We didn’t really draw inspiration from any particular music at the time but listening back I suppose bands like The Clash, Blur and Tokyo Police Club partly influenced this tune. It didn’t take many rehearsals for this tune to feel almost studio ready, this meant we pretty much recorded it live to capture the energy we had in rehearsals, apart from a few overdubs. Lyrically we took inspiration from having a sh*t night out, being skint and pissed off with feeling trapped in a dead end job and place. The lyrics were written in the studio.”

While Ded Rabbit are originally from Yorkshire, they decided to move to the Highlands in 1996 to enjoy the glorious isolation that it provided. Since then, the brothers have been making music for more than a decade and have released a series of EPs. Stay tuned for ore good things to come.