Hylander Give Us A Candid Insight Into Mental Health In “Honestly” Ft. Saorsa


Photo: Artist courtesy

While the pandemic has restricted travel this year, Aussie artist Hylander has been using this time to travel beyond his comfort zone in terms of craft. His latest single “Honestly” ft. Saorsa is his most candid and vulnerable song yet – without any filters, Hylander offers the heftiness of mental health and the priceless value of reaching out for help. Anchored by its indietronic backbone, “Honestly” is covered with harmonious combinations of distorted synths and smoky croons that yields a hypnotic fluidity. Enjoy:

Speaking about the track, feature artist Saorsa said:

“The song is about mental health and about the lies we tell ourselves when we’re struggling…things like ‘I’m fine’ and ‘It’s just a phase’ are things that I sometimes find myself thinking and saying (particularly at the beginning of lockdown).

The song is as much about admitting to yourself that maybe you should ask for help and acknowledging that it’s okay to feel down, particularly in such chaotic times.”

“Honestly” is available now via all platforms.