Plastic Face Bring Back 90s House With “HiiViSiON”

A 90s hymn about 2020 weirdness

Photo: Jacqueline Mitchell

Sydney duo Plastic Face capture the bizarre state of mind we’ve been induced into by 2020 in their latest single “HiiViSiON.” It’s a gorgeous 90s house piece that is polished with psychedelic elements where the duo takes us shaking to unexpected directions. “The song isn’t really about someone, it’s more a state of mind.  This year has been so bananas it kind of represents our feeling towards it…Life and experiences make us tick, strange and unique,” shared Plastic Face. Hit play:

On the video, the duo shared:

“One of our lovely pals Sean Donovan wrote and directed this clip.  After seeing his independent short film ‘Headless Chooks’ we knew we had to work with him!  It was evocative, dark and truly open to interpretation.  ‘HiiViSiON’ is no different.  We all agreed we wanted something mysterious, dark and thought-provoking.  Something to entice people to dip their toes into our world so to speak and come up with their own answers.  We pulled together an incredible team with the little resources we had and made something we’re so happy with.”

Plastic Face is Pete Stals and Will Coleman.