Spacette Capture LA Cityscape In New Video “City Of Gold”

It is indeed made of gold…and avocado toasts

Photo: Anna Azarov

LA-based band Spacette pay tribute to Bowie while also capturing the gorgeous urban landscape of Los Angeles in their new video “City of Gold.” It’s zany indie rock with 80s sass that takes you on a slick, dreamy ride through the city of dreams and organic avocado toasts. Taken from their upcoming self-titled debut EP, “City of Gold” is a wistful and shiny track to indulge in during lazy afternoons:

On the new song, the band shared: “’City of Gold’ is the first song we started on and it’s a sort of center of gravity for the sound of the EP. The hybrid disco beat meets Toto-ish shuffle was a fun discovery with Tony and Heather slaying the synth solo — actually two killer solos interwoven.”

Spacette will be releasing their self-titled debut EP on December 11th, so stay tuned.