Cherryade Give Us A Bite Of Our Food, Internet & Politics Culture In “Fast Food”

Breakneck pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

London duo Cherryade take a bite into our speedy culture of junk food, social media, and chaotic politics in their latest single “Fast Food.” It has the signature Cherryade sound filled with lasering synths, bullet-like beats, and punchy choruses sprinkled with the duo’s sass. We’ve all experienced our existential mode going from ‘lost’ to ‘wtf’ this year and “Fast Food” captures this whole bizarre transition in the most beautiful way:

Speaking on the new single, Ella commented: “‘Fast Food’ was written about everything going on in the world right now – fast food culture, COVID, politics, fake news, spending our lives on social media… basically everything falling apart. This year feels so intense and fast paced, whether it’s music or memes or political scandals or celebrity ‘cancel culture’, trends get binned and replaced so quickly and it’s exhausting trying to keep up and stay sane.”

Alex continued: “We’re completely to blame as well as it’s impossible not to get caught up in it all, so the song is hypocritical but it’s brutally honest… it’s us laying it all out there to vent and try to make sense of this year.”