Chris Lanzon Shares New Wistful Anthem “New York, Falling Apart”

A glimpse into his upcoming sophomore project

Photo: Chris Lanzon

Sydney artist Chris Lanzon returns with a new single “New York, Falling Apart” a wistful hymn that was inspired by his brief trip to New York. Peppered with the swelling ambience of shoegaze rock, the track is an indie pop anthem where Chris wrestles both with melancholia and bliss as he longs for a distant city. There is an undeniable sense of longing that is parallel to heartbreak, making “New York, Falling Apart” an intimate journey. Check it out:

“I think this is my favourite song I’ve released so far. I love the lyrics. They sound super literal, and definitely could be about a broken relationship between lost lovers. But for me, it’s actually super metaphorical. Last year I was lucky to travel to New York City, but my time there felt cut short. This song was inspired by this romantic fantasy I developed for one day living in NYC, but knowing the reality of that is unlikely. I guess it’s about my hopeless fascination with a city I’ll never call home.”

To support his release, Chris will be playing his first headline show (socially distanced) at the Factory Theatre in Sydney on Friday, November 27th. Tickets are available here.