Harry Nathan Shares New Love Song For The Girl Across The Hall Titled “High”

Nu disco

Photo: Wesley Tan

With shimmering risqué synths and hip-shaking moments, Harry Nathan returns with new single “High,” a groovy starry-eyed melody that captures the serotonins that rush through your bloodstream when you see the girl across the hall. It’s a sultry waltz piece that glows with the swirling hypnotism of disco ball as Nathan’s croons deliver a sweet rush. Stream below:

Speaking of the track, he shared:

“The song is a romanticized daydream about a girl who moved in across the hall. I was living in Los Angeles and I had just picked up a1982 MT-45 Casiotone keyboard. I fell in love with the sound of it and it inspired me to write the song quite quickly. The majority of the drums come from Roland CR-78 and Roland 505 drum machines. Run through a series of guitar pedals, the Casio keyboard’s signal chain is visible in the song’s artwork; a photo I took on my 1982 Canon AE-1 film camera”

“High” is from Harry Nathan’s upcoming EP Songs About Falling, which will be released in early 2021 via Majestic Casual Records.