SOMBRA Hits The Darkest Corners Of Our Mind In “Are You Well?”

Psychedelic rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Montreal artist SOMBRA takes us into the darkest corners of our vulnerability in his latest single “Are You Well?” With its kaleidoscopic rhythmic arrangements, “Are You Well?” swirls you into its frisson-shooting vortex as SOMBRA’s croons stretch in a haunting and mesmeric fashion. In “Are You Well?” SOMBRA faces the heftiest thoughts and emotions as he reminds himself the temporary nature of emotions while coming into terms with his own dark side. Check out the video directed by Evangelos Desborough:

“Last fall, I was going through a particularly rough time with depression and was spending much of my free time alone or with my bandmate in the studio. At the time, the studio we recorded in had a broken door which would lock you in if you didn’t have the key with you.

I ended up becoming locked inside the studio when ‘Are You Well?’ took shape, feeling strangely freed by my forced confinement. It was meditational. Eventually finding the key to leave the next morning was the stressful part because the negativity and issues I was facing on the outside were able to race back into my mind.”

The track is from SOMBRA’s upcoming album Free From Interruption, which will be out on November 27th.