Benji Lewis Gauges Emotional Risks In “Stay Around”


Photo: Sean Pyke

Benji Lewis ruminates on the emotional risks we take when we open up to someone – especially after a failed relationship – in his latest single “Stay Around.” Written with Tom Eggert (aka T Scarlett) before COVID madness started, the track is a chest-swelling piece that blooms over the gorgeous laidback production. Torn between desire and uncertainty, “Stay Around” measures the strength it takes to let someone in:

Speaking of the track, Benji shared: “This song is about how you feel after a breakup with someone you really loved, and how you then deal with new relationships because of that experience. When you do meet someone new who is looking for a real chance, you tend to be super cautious and keep your distance, and you ask yourself; Maybe you could be ready? Maybe it’ll all work out this time? Maybe you should stay around? It’s also about perspective, vulnerability and strength. It’s about getting over your fears and taking a risk on someone new who just might be worth it all.”

“Stay Around” is available everywhere now.