Lost In Japan Drop Iliad-Inspired Single “Troy”

Indie rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Lost In Japan celebrates the beauty of every moment in their latest single “Troy.” Produced by JUNO Award winner Dan Brodbeck, “Troy” illustrates the narrative of a couple who run away thinking that it will solve their problems – which doesn’t. But instead of falling into despair, Lost In Japan reminds us to enjoy that moment as part of our journey. With its throbbing guitar chords and propulsive bassline, “Troy” hits you with its infectious charm:

According to the band, the song was “Inspired by a quote from The Iliad, which expresses that everything is beautiful because it’s the first and last time you will ever experience that moment, our new single “Troy” is about understanding the importance of every moment—good or bad.”

“Troy” is from their upcoming EP, which they’ll be sharing more details soon.