STIIR’s “Seasonal Love” Is A Gently Heartbreaking Song

“Single life, seasonal love”

Photo: PR courtesy

North London trio STIIR slickly capture the heartbreaking loneliness we often experience – despite being with someone – in their new single “Seasonal Love.” It’s a gentle, bittersweet melody that has a buoyant production lifting you up as they acknowledge the heavy-heartedness of the situation but also teaches you to move past it. There’s a slo-mo feel to the track as STIIR induces you into a chillaxing state:

Speaking of the track, the trio shared: “It is about overcoming the feeling of loneliness, with the chorus hook ‘single life, seasonal love’ acting as the mantra of the song. The only way to outsource your feelings is through the affection and privacy you share with someone, but as the seasons change, things change with them and you find yourself on your own again… However, this song is truly about overcoming that feeling — and that’s why it’s not a ‘sad’ sounding tune.”

STIIR have been using this lockdown time songsmithing, so be on the lookout for more drops from them.