Fialta Reflect On Heaven Burning In “Paradise”

Sinful gospel-rock

Photo: Band courtesy. Yep, that’s Margot Polo on the right.

Haling from California, Fialta is a quartet who have been hooking our ears with their previous pop hymns. But today the band showcases a different side with their gospel-rock anthem “Paradise.” Bringing the celestial sounds of church organs, live horns, and sinful rock’n’roll, they craft a majestic soundscape with subtle dose of eeriness. “We’ve always been eclectic in our sound. This is a big departure from anything we’ve ever written before. But I love this song. I was immediately drawn to the rootsy, gospel vibe,” shared lead vocalist Beth Leibovich. Hit play:

Recorded back in July when we were getting roasted, Sarah Shotwell (backing vocals) recalled, “Beth tracked this in the middle of the night in a boiling hot studio. We were all drinking tepid Tecate and sweating. Halfway through the song, she stripped off her clothes and sang the rest in her underwear.” Beth wasn’t sorry.

“When we were working on these lyrics, Sarah was reading Dante’s Inferno,” quipped Michael Leibovich (organs and trumpet). “It sorta leaked it’s way in. Musically, we also wanted to evoke that sense of confusion and ecstasy and horror.”

But it’s not Dante’s Inferno that molded the track – the wildfires in California influenced the notion of watching heaven burning. “Like so many people in California, we are really haunted by the horror of what happened in Paradise,” shared David Provenzano (guitars, backing vocals). “Sometimes it’s the most beautiful places that are also the most dangerous. For the last several summers, here in California, we’ve all had one foot in heaven and one foot in hell.”