Kid Brunswick Shares His Horror Relationship In “Bipolar Rhapsody”

The unforgettable ex

Photo: PR courtesy

London artist Kid Burnswick captures the emotional mayhem of a toxic affair in his latest single “Bipolar Rhapsody.” There’s no right way to describe his sound – it’s a chaotically bold one that sends swooshing riffs, which feel like alternative rock on hip-hop steroids. His vocals pounce, flow, and chop over the darkly biting melody they paint the haunting memory of the most unforgettable ex:

Speaking of the track, he shared: “An ex girlfriend inspired this song. Our relationship was pretty much a horror show. This song took over 2 years to write as I came back to it two years later to finish it. Nobody liked it when I first wrote it but I hope that people will change their minds when they hear it for the first time.”

Harry James is the mastermind behind Kid Brunswick who is originally from West London. Known for his experimental sound, Gilmour doesn’t shy away from making the most unexpected rhythmic deviations.