Michael Aldag Address The Nuisance Of Half-Assed Dialogues In “Conversation”


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If you ever engaged in a dialogue with someone who gives you half-assed answers, then Michael Aldag’s “Conversation” is perfect for you. it’s playful pop where Aldag’s voice waltzes along the introspective backbeat that builds into a bubbly catharsis. “‘Conversation’ is a song about those times where you’re bringing your A-game when talking to someone but you only receive metaphorical stale pieces of bread in response. It depicts the toss-up between calling the relationship a day and struggling on in vain. I had to suffer many hours of barren dialogue for this one but I think it was worth it,” shared Aldag. Stream below:

Check out the live session:

Originally from Wirral, Aldag grew up surrounded by a local culture that didn’t fit his character. “You get to about Year Nine and everybody starts wearing combat pants and duffel coats. People who have never crossed the River Mersey into Liverpool develop the strongest scouse accent. It goes one of two ways; either you’re true to yourself or you’re just going to bend with the trends. That whole period impacted me a lot,” he reflects. Aldag has been using his experiences and background into his music, crafting his own groovy swagger. “I’m lucky, I can put a lot of my negative experiences into my material. So even the worst parts of my life aren’t wasted. I’m grateful to music for that.”