Midnight Ambassador Shares His Journey Of Building A New Home In ‘Fragile Igloo’


Photo: PR courtesy

London-based, Portuguese artist Midnight Ambassador has unveiled his new EP Fragile Igloo, where he captures the hurdles and changes of building a new home. The five-track record taps into the romance, hope, mental struggles, and mundanity that one experiences when trying to settle in a different metropolis. These are slick R&B tracks where Midnight Ambassador balances slow-burning introspections with rushing momentums through slick orchestration. Hit play:

“‘Fragile Igloo’ tells the story of my difficult move to London, each song a chapter of this transition. Through romance, mental health, to a soul-crushing job in hospitality to support my dreams, this EP is the glue that’s bound the home I’ve (finally) built in London– my once-fragile igloo,” shared Midnight Ambassador.

André Graca is the human genius behind Midnight Ambassador, who started out his musical career in the Portuguese classical area before developing his passion for singing and songwriting during his university years in the UK. With a DIY approach, Graca continues to build a steady fanbase while crafting his own blend of modern R&B and pop.