Metaspion Explores Nordic Folk In New Indietronic Album ‘Cryptomeduza’

Where folktronica meets modern electronic music

Photo: PR courtesy

Morten Richter is the mastermind behind Metaspion, a departure from his rock’n’roll background. With Metspion, Richter has been making Scandi folktronica music by blending elements of EDM into his sound. With his latest record Cryptomeduza, Metaspion explores traditional Nordic folk narratives while also adding his own electronic flair. The starting song “Kundalini” is a lyric-free cinematic track with dubstep and techno elements. The title track “Cryptomeduza” is folk rock with trimmings of indietronica where the gliding violin add a raw touch to it.

“Desire” is an explosive piece where metal meets introspective indie, yielding a blood-rushing soundscape. In “Push,” Metaspion takes an experimental turn where he crafts a futuristic sonic space that exude an eerie intensity. “Gandr” displays a stunning combination of haunting choruses and foot-stomping EDM that yield a tone of mysticism. It feels like the soundtrack of a dystopic film. The following “Turbo Tommy” is a hefty dubstep piece where the thumping riffs and distorted samples gives you a mood kick. Metaspion takes the classical “Rotnheims-Knut” and add boosting layers of synths to it, making it a sonic anachronism.

In “Havella,” Measpion induces us into the dancefloor where its techno production soars with the hooky ingredients of disco. The hip-shaking hooks carry on in “What Happened?” that showcases the spirit of underground club music with the choruses echoing in the bursting background. “Bom Bom Wake Up” is a fist-pumping piece where the faint traces of raw chords embedded within the dubstep body yield an eccentric party anthem. The penultimate piece “Motherfucker” is an edgy, electronic piece that feels apocalyptic where Metaspion channel a form of harmonious aggression through its chaotic rhythmic layers. Metaspion ends the record with the most introspective piece “Custom Gustaf,” where he leaves us suspended in a dark soundscape with its smokiness. Cryptomeduza takes traditional folk music and gives them a modern polish while also letting Metaspion flex his creative muscles in the electronic realm.