SofaTramp Pushes & Blends The Boundaries Of Electronic Music In ‘Wax On’

An electrifying journey

Photo: PR courtesy

London-based artist SofaTrampa is an enigmatic artist who makes music and has a dog. That’s all we know. And while his identity remains a cyber ninja, his latest record Wax On is a symphony of ten stunning electronic pieces where we get to witness the sounds of all sub-genres across different eras. The opener “Get Yourself Together” has the classic aesthetics of house as the beats swish with breakneck intensity. “It’s So Hard To Reach You” is a post-disco treat with vibrant moodiness that transports you to those late nights on the dancefloor when you’re texting someone who isn’t responding.

“Jacaranda” invites you into its dub soundscape as the drizzling synths and expansive smokiness give you an adrenalin-kicking rush. The following “M.O.T.U. (’20 Mix)” is the poppiest moment of the record with its hooky rhythmic twists. SofaTramps takes a more laidback trajectory in “Mumble,” built on distorted samples and bubbly synths, that yield a gurgling ambience. “Forever Alone” is a dark techno track where the siren-like croons in the background add a hauntingly sweet oomph to it. Unlike the title’s connotation, “Forever Alone” has a comforting effect keeping its listeners company with its introspective air and stretchy choruses.

In “Wet Notes,” SofaTramps toys with distortion in the beginning by kicking off with smeared beats before embarking on a smooth, woozy journey that has jazzy vibes to it. “Subroutine” has a futuristic feel to it with the indistinguishable choruses in the beginning that quickly leads you to its lasering soundscape. The following and penultimate song “Waiting Room” is a speedy affair that feels like the most emotionally fluid moment of the record. It’s a series of sonic combustions offering no particular mood, letting its listeners enjoy the sheer movement of the song. The final piece “Breakfast in IKEA” is your classical house song with a pinch of sass familiar to the pop genre. Wax On is an album that lets its listeners venture out to the various subgenres of electronic music while also letting them take the wheel in its emotional interpretation.