Ginesse’s “LA Isn’t Somewhere To Die” Is An Ode To Friends Who Help You Through Breakups


Photo: Elizabeth Miranda

LA-based artist Ginesse – aka Cait Fairbanks – pays homage to friends who stick together during the hard times in her latest single “LA Isn’t Somewhere To Die.” It’s a breezy pop piece that comes with a hauntingly gorgeous video directed by Natalie Fält. “LA can be a lonely place,” shared Ginesse, “but this is a love song to the dope friends in my life who keep me from blowing my brains out, honestly.” Hit play:

Cait is a two-time Emmy-nominated actress who launched her musical project Ginesse back in 2018. “I want my music to make people feel like the whole world is wrapping around them,” shared Ginesse. “If I give someone an emotional picture of a specific moment, that is truly special.”

“LA Isn’t Somewhere To Die” is from her new EP Somewhere To Die, which is out now. Check it out: