If You’re Waiting For That You-Up Text, Here’s Monowhales’ “BL/FF (Fake Friends)”

Yes, it’s a hookup song

Photo: Francesca Ludikar

Canadian trio Monowhales drops their new risqué and blood-pumping piece “BL/FF (Fake Friends).” It’s a delightful, breakneck pop filled with fist-pumping moments as the trio cascades us with woozy rush of nocturnal lust. This is the type of anthem you’ll blast after receiving the “You up” text and start driving towards your next bad decision…again:

On the track, the trio shared: “‘BL/FF (Fake Friends)’ gases you up for a hook-up. Makes you drip confidence, ooze slickness and provokes you to be promiscuous. Memories flood into your head about that damn person that’s hard to get over because the sexual tension is just too fun to avoid.

Imagine a late night, your phone dings and you get that far too familiar message. So, you jump in your car at 3am and turn this song up surrounded by streetlights and heavy feelings of lust on your way to some spicy sleepover.”