Quarter-Life Crisis Shares “You & Me” Ft. Claud

From upcoming debut EP

Photo: Colin Medley

Quarter-Life Crisis – aka Ryan Hemsworth – has shared his latest single “You & Me” ft. Claud. The song is from his upcoming self-titled debut EP, which also features other artists including Frances Quinlan, Hand Habits, Charlie Martin, and Yohuna. The EP will be out on December 4th, but in theh meantime, check out “You & Me”:

On the single, Claud shared: “Ryan sent me a bunch of really pretty guitar tracks around the time I had just moved to New York… it was a new city, I was alone, and I was definitely deep in my feels. The song sorta turned into a yearning winter love song. When I sent it back to him after I wrote it I asked him not to laugh at me for the corny-ness of the lyrics… sometimes lyrics just need to say it like it is.”