Wolf & Moon Make Us Feel OK-ish About Aging In New Record ‘Follow The Signs’

Going with the flow of time

Photo: PR courtesy

Berlin-based duo Wolf & Moon reflect on their journey of growing older, kinda wiser, and maybe happier in their new record Follow The Signs. It’s a folk record embellished with indietronic stylings where the duo dexterously use an array of ambient synths to craft a dreamy journey. Thematically, the album showcases a more mature side of the duo as they come into terms with becoming more mature and knowing when to let go of things:

Reflecting back on making the album, the duo shared:

“In between all of the touring we found some time to visit our producer John Andersson in Sweden. Most of this new record was already written and recorded in 2018, before the first album even came out. In 2019, we met up a few times more to record the last songs, bits and pieces. We love working and hanging out with John. When we visit we completely lose track of time and only focus on creating. We don’t see much of the city, cause we go straight to the studio in the morning and only leave late in the evening. In winter we don’t even see daylight for a week. We committed to writing and recording one song per day, which makes the album sound quite adventurous and spontaneous. It was written and inspired by the time in our life when we moved to Berlin. While the vagabond lifestyle will forever remain in our DNA, we decided to renovate an old house from the 30’s and settled in this beautiful, ugly, weird, and inspiring city. So, in a way, we matured and so did our songs and lyrics on Follow The Signs. This record is about being okay with getting older, letting go of unfulfilled dreams and wishes and realising that we are actually already living our perfect life right now. The titles of our albums are forming one long sentence. With the release of Follow The Signs the second phrase is now revealed. You can start wondering what our third record will be called.

Before it get’s dark, follow the signs ….”