Elizabeth Leslie Drops New Ominous Single “Empire Falls”

Goth pop

Photo: Natalia Rasetti

Toronto artist Elizabeth Leslie ruminates on the gradual downfall of our civilization in her latest single “Empire Falls.” It’s a gorgeous goth pop with all the sass of underground dance music that keeps you grooving in the dark. Lyrically, we find ourselves dissecting the fatal trajectory that society has taken politically and environmentally. Produced by Matt DeMatteo, “Empire Falls” is a pre-apocalyptic warning:

On the single, she shared: “During the first waves of COVID-19, I was sitting in my overpriced apartment in Toronto. I had just lost my job and my relationship was falling apart in quarantine. It was as if my internal world and the external world were simultaneously ripping at their seams. Then, I began thinking about what brought us here.

We’ve missed the mark on so many things, and it all transpires out of politics. We are living, to coin bell hooks’ phrase, in an ‘imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.’

The empire is falling, right now, which is positive because it’s ultimately oppressive and destructive.”