Flõstate Take Us Into A Surreal, Timeless World In “Time”


Photo: PR courtesy

Canadian duo Flõstate suspend us into a surreal, timeless world in their new video “Time.” It’s a hauntingly stunning R&B piece that has a mystic charm to it as the duo contemplate on the incessant flow of life, mortality, nature, light, and dark. With its smoky croons and hazy atmosphere, “Time” is a journey beyond the space and time continuum where they keep pushing our imagination:

On the video, Director Elliot Muscat shared:

“Tristan and I worked closely with the artists to visually express their passion and authenticity. Part of the creative execution involved using a mix of film mediums and techniques that mirror the magical qualities of the music. Working with Flostate is always nothing short of awesomeness and downright fun.”

Flõstate is the collaborative project between producer MKSTN and songwriter Avery Florence, who are known for making hypnotic R&B.