JUSTY Drops New Cozy Xams Song “Blues On The Crosley”

Perfect for playing by the fire with whiskey

Photo: PR courtesy

As we enter the final season of 2020, JUSTY lets us indulge and relax with her new single “Blues On The Crosley.” It has that warm, holiday vibe to it where JUSTY’s croons sweep you into a slo-mo waltz filled with an undeniable sense of longing. Infused with jazz and R&B elements, “Blues On The Crosely” is a chill piece to play by the fire as you sip whiskey and get lost in your thoughts. Hit play:

Speaking of the track, JUSTY shared: “This longing is intensified by that ‘time of year’ when all you want is to be surrounded by love and the warmth of the season. Home becomes less of a place and more of a person/feeling. Sonically, this record feels like your favorite record playing on a vinyl on a late cold night fit for overthinking.”

JUSTY is currently working on her upcoming album, which will be out next year.