Life Is A Retro Video Game In Ash Shakur’s “Anne’s Arcade”

Ash wearing his green hat two days ago.

Photo: PR courtesy

Illustrator and artist Ash Shakur takes us on a retro trip to our favorite childhood video games in his latest single “Anne’s Arcade.” Using 8-bit game-inspired beats, Ash crafts a zany soundscape where he uses clever metaphorical play on gaming references to capture the ups and downs of life. With his slick and booming delivery, Ash Shakur captures the familiar rush and intensity that washed us when we were struggling to get to one level to another:

On the single, Ash shared:

“The first verse explains a small part of the music game and how you have to watch out for those bowers! I wanted to draw parallels of life’s challenges to the levels on a video game. The last verse highlights the theme of, how people play games ie: she’s playing hard to get – or he’s a player. I want ‘Anna’s Arcade’ to be the place you think about having the most fun. Every time you listen, I want to bring you back to this feeling.”

Based in London, Ash is also the co-founder of Art Life Central, a collective that focuses on expressing creativity through music and fashion content.