Wayward Capture Teen Camaraderie In “Back To The Old Days”


Still from Wayward – Back To The Old Days (Official Video)

UK duo Wayward takes us on a nostalgic trip to our carefree youth and friendships in their new video “Back To The Old Days.” Directed by Sam Ripmand and Sophia Dembitzer, the video highlights the bond among three best friends who spend their early years playing basketball, dancing in the park, and smoking. Later we see them reuniting in their mid 20s and rekindling their friendship. “Back To The Old Days” is a sizzling, electronic soundscape that channels the freeing rush of being young with your friends:

On the track, Wayward explained: “With everything that’s happened in the world over the last year, we’ve found some solace in looking to the past. Sam, Sophia (the directors) and the actors ability to create a visual encapsulating this feeling of nostalgia blew us away! Hopefully it reminds people of simpler, more carefree times.”