Yes Nice Invite Us To Dance With New Single “Few Words To Say”

Indie pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Canadian duo Yes Nice deliver a message of unity amidst the polarized atmosphere we live in with their new single “Few Words To Say.” The video features the duo letting themselves in the dancefloor of their living rooms as they evoke 80s disco nostalgia. The track is indie pop sparked with dance-inducing hooks of disco. Enjoy:

On the single, the duo shared: “Alberta is at times quite polarized in its social and political realities. Finding a voice in that environment can be a struggle. Our new song, ‘Few Words To Say,’ was inspired by contemplating learning to speak in this context. We juxtaposed this with a mood of insecurity felt on the dancefloor, working up one’s nerve to join in and let go.”

The track is from their new album Eternal Flame, which is out now. Check it out: