Crumbsnatchers Look Too Cool Driving On A Couch-Car In New Video “Satin Glow”

The most innovative invention of humankind

Photo: PR courtesy

Indie rockers Crumbsnatchers have shared their latest smooth, heart-warming piece “Satin Glow.” It’s nostalgic and sends you a euphoric wave of cool vibes to your system, transcending you into a joyous state of chillvana. Along with the song, they have shared the video for it, directed by Casey Pierce, in which they reveal the most brilliant invention that humankind has seen: couch-car. We see them driving through town on their couches with snippets of them rocking their guitar in a classical, lace wedding dress:

On the inspiration behind the track single, frontman Samuel (Guetts) Guetterman explained:

“It came from a thrift store wedding dress that I found when I was trying to find a last-minute Halloween costume a couple of years ago. The idea that something that has seen an event or two still has a pretty nice shine to it. The song sort of looks back over the last couple of years and asks the question, ‘how and why am I still alive?’ while looking forward optimistically.”

The idea of the couch-car struck to Guetts when he saw a moving couch at a pride parade in Knoxville. He recalled, “It’s just something that makes you laugh and brings joy to people. When I met up with Casey Pierce (director) to get coffee and talk about potentially making a music video I told him about my idea with a couch-car and a wedding dress – he loved it! I was so excited to work with him because I love his work. I started calling people to find out who built that couch car that I saw in the pride parade and eventually I found him. He told me that the couch I saw in the parade was no more! So I asked if I could hire him to build me another one and he was down and really excited to do it.”

Crumbsnatchers are currently based in Nashville and are comprised of Guetts, Philip Mosteller (guitar), Sam Burchfield (bass), and Rylan Bledsoe (drums).