Lucky Idiot’s EP ‘Low Celling’ Is An Ode To Brisbane

Chill and delightfully bouncy

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds. Just a couple of dudes hanging around a sewer

Lucky Idiot is the collaborative project of Maxwell Byrne (Golden Vessel), Kalem Woo (Rei So La), and Rei Sakakibar (Sweater Curse) who started the project out of fun. After releasing a series of singles, the trio has finally unveiled their debut EP Low Celing and it’s a 5-track journey of indietronica on Xanax. Speaking of the EP, Byrne shared: “We started Lucky Idiot on a bit of a whim, just for fun. Because of all the time we had at home this year we took ideas that we’d thrown around over the summer and borrowed a Tascam tape machine and started recording. We wrote Low Ceiling over summer, sort of as a love letter to Brisbane. How the ceiling’s pretty low, there’s not always a lot going on here but it feels good.” Check it out:

The opener “Unlucky” is a brief piece with minimal lyrics as the trio sum up the warmth of Brisbane in two sentences: “That was nice / Low ceiling, good feeling.” The title piece takes this sentiment further by capturing the warmth and slow-paced life of their neighborhood. “Mud” is a zany upbeat piece where the trio capture the pleasure of being carefree outdoors. In “Superglue,” Lucky Idiot boxes us into that familiar moment of talking to a loved one who is far from us. “pixelated facetime / hazey features” chant Lucky Idiot. Whether it’s about a long distance or the current quarantine relationship, “Superglue” highlights that moment of intimate connection we share with someone through the screens. The final track “Trouble” is a bouncy affair of a night out drinking where the glimmering riffs paired with the breezy choruses channel the irresistible pleasure of letting go and indulging in bad, but amazing decisions. Low Ceiling is a record that captures the familiar comfort and slow routine of one’s hometown through the perspectives of three artists who know how to add their own flair of playful creativity.