MTMBO Illustrates The Alienating Sensation Of Change In “Headlights”


Photo: Lyciane Moore

London-based artist MTMBO (Richie Matembo) teams up with Indonesia-based illustrator Dedisuseno to capture the crippling anxiety and foreign feeling of change in his new video “Headlights.” It’s a delicate animated visual feast with trippy cinematic aesthetics where MTMBO capture the uneasy mental and emotional pressure we experience when going through change. Check it out:

“Change of any sort can often feel like an uncomfortable experience and I’ve always been fascinated by the sensation of feeling like a passenger in your own mind during that process,” explained MTMBO. “We wanted to create something that shows that journey, with a reminder that it is possible to come through that anxiety and reclaim yourself on the other side.”

The track is from his EP Grip, which was released in 2019.