Why Omen’s “Meeble” Is Named After A Cat, But Really Is About Sparing Feelings

For non-romantic reasons

Photo: Sumner Howells

Founded back in 2017, Why Omen is a quartet who makes explosive but artsy rock music using a generous dose of bursting riffs and kicking drums. Their latest single and video “Meeble” was named after the band member Thane’s cat, but it’s not really about her. “Simply put, ‘Meeble’ is about not being able to tell a person how you feel to spare the feelings of a separate party, and not in a romantic sense,” explained Thane. It’s a sonic bomb that bursts majestically over your eardrums as the quartet give you a head-spinning dosage of blissful chaos:

“Meeble” is from their upcoming EP Sentient Blue, which will be out on December 18th.