Gareth. T‘s “2 more weeks” Is A Slinky Hymn For Your Holiday Playlist


Photo: PR courtesy

Hong Kong artist Gareth T. channels the longing and excitement of being reunited with a lover in his new sleek R&B single “2 more weeks.” It’s a lo-fi, chill jam that gives you all the serene vibes you need to unwind during the last month of 2020 as you indulge in the warm melody peppered with hip-hop choruses that sends you a soothing flow. “I co-wrote this song with my roommate in Boston when we were both preparing to leave and go back to Hong Kong for the summer. He was in this long-distance relationship with his girlfriend and the song is about how he couldn’t wait to get back to her,” shared Gareth. T – check it out:

Gareth. T is a classically trained violinist who is currently based in Boston studying at Berklee College of Music.