Romy Dya Addresses Sexual Abuse In New Empowering Single “Unspoken”

Soulful pop

Photo: Karen Cigar

Dutch artist Romy Dya addresses sexual abuse in her new self-empowering single “Unspoken,” out now via Uncommon Diamond. The track is a glimpse of her upcoming, self-produced album I Fucking Love Myself, which she’ll be sharing soon.  “Uncommon” is an emotional canvass where Romy paints a candid picture of the victim’s pains with a comforting empathetic message. Sprayed with hues of jazz, R&B, and soul, “Unspoken” uncoils in a slick and slo-mo fashion delivering a form of lush minimalism. Check out the video directed by Djodjo Pongo:

In her own words, “‘Unspoken’ is about sexual abuse. People who have been through a traumatic experience like that find it hard to talk about it but also to be understood. I want to comfort them with this song and hope that it can be a part of their healing process. It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to talk about it when you’re ready.”

Hailing from Netherlands, Romy has worked with renowned artists such as Ghostface Killah and Busta Rhymes. Her commercial breakthrough arrived when she was featured on “So Far Away” with Martin Garrix, David Guetta, and Jamie Scott. Since then, she’s been crafting her own sound and starting her own self-owned imprint Uncommon Diamond. “We focus on uncommon urban artists at Uncommon Diamond – meaning that we look for artists who stand out. We especially want to focus on artists who are being rejected by labels or the music industry. They are being called diamonds in the rough by society, but for us they are ready to shine.”