Josh Tavares Goes On A Self Tug-Of-War In “tightrope”

Indie pop

Photo: Kristi Tou

Toronto-based artist Josh Tavares breaks down the resent that washes over you along with the nausea that follows after a night out of bad decisions in his latest single “tightrope.” This is the hangover hymn that you’ll be playing as you try to nurse (or get sucked into) that giant existential gap inside you. Taken from his upcoming album, it’s a contemplative and melancholic as Tavares entangles us into the emotional conflict that goes on with such regret:

“I had the title ‘tightrope’ in mind for the album title actually, but felt like something was missing.  I pressed record on my phone and the lyrics for this song pretty much spilled out, inspired by a friend who was going through a lot, but could hide it very well. It’s a conversation with yourself about the real emotions you have versus what you choose to show everyone around you,” shared Tavares. “There are a few songs on the album that are centred around one party with multiple character perspectives. It’s a motif I kind of hid through most of the songs. But ‘tightrope’ is definitely about a person who wakes up the night after a party, maybe regretting some of the choices from the night before.”