Bilk Just Ride It Out In New Video “Stop Pranging Out”

It all started with a shroom & bad math decisions

Photo: PR courtesy

Essex trio Bilk takes us on a wild and trippy journey in their new video “Stop Pranging Out,” a track that was literally inspired by their own experience overdosing shrooms. They did this so you wouldn’t try this at home and you get to enjoy the trio experience distortion of reality as everything gets stretched, smeared, and smoked. The track is a mutant of old-school hip hop with punk that feels perfect for the occasion:

Singer Sol Abrahams commented, “Stop Pranging Out is about when I went to Amsterdam with my mates and got on shrooms. The woman behind the counter who I bought em off told me to take 3 grams but I took 10 and bugged out all night. I guess this song provides the moral lesson: Don’t abuse drugs, and if you do, just stop pranging out and ride it.”

Be on the lookout for a new EP from the trio in 2021.