Lost Horizons Stretch Our Imagination In New Video “Every Beat That Passed” Ft. Kavi Kwai

From their upcoming record ‘In Quiet Moments’

Still from Lost Horizons feat. Kavi Kwai – Every Beat That Passed (Official Video)

Lost Horizons (the collab project of Cocteau Twins’ Simon Raymonde and Dif Juz’ Richie Thomas) push the boundaries of our imagination with their latest video and single “Every Beat That Passed” featuring Swedish artist Kavi Kwai. Directed by Jonathan Caouette, the video is a surreal feast where reality gets blurred with hypnotic animated visuals. Watch below:

On the song, Simon Raymonde commented:

“Richie came up with the piano part for this and it grabbed my attention immediately. That ‘waltz’ rhythm is pretty much in my DNA from my Cocteaus days, and the other instrumentation just kinda flowed out in a rush of emotion and memory. Discovering Kavi Kwai was akin to roaming the beaches of Bognor with a defective metal detector and discovering a whopping blue diamond. She is from Sweden and on hearing her music, I vowed to create a track especially for her. When I received her vocal back, I had that unusual experience of simultaneously laughing and crying at the same time. Laughing because I couldn’t believe how incredible it was, and crying because she turned our tune into a beautifully sad song which really moved me. Still does to be honest.”

Kavi Kwai added:

“The feeling that came to me when I first heard the instrumental version was that it felt very hopeful. Hope always has an undertone of something heavy or dark – otherwise we wouldn’t need it. When I wrote the melodies and the lyrics I stayed in that mode, I wanted to capture the combination of dark and light.”

The track is from Lost Horizons’ upcoming record In Quiet Moments Part 1, which will be out on Friday, December 4th.