Paces’ New Pop Single “Losing My Head” Ft. Truples Is Very Emo

Get those side bangs ready

Photo: PR courtesy

Remember early 2000s when you gave up half of your vision for side bangs and sold your bank account to Converse? Yep, Paces is bringing back that good old, edgy nostalgia of the emo era in his new single “Losing My Head” Ft. Truples. It’s pop, but with the studded hooks of emo elements that is great for dancing but also brooding. Check it out:

On the release, Paces explained: “I first met Truples a few years ago via a competition run by Stoney Roads blog. People had to submit their demos and the prize was a session with me where we’d work on their track together. I picked Truples as the winner and we hit it off over a shared love of electronic music and memes lol. We stayed in touch and recently began working on this idea in which I wanted to combine my production style with an emo vocal. Truples has a background as a singer for a post-hardcore band so thankfully he obliged my weird idea and we ended up with ‘Losing My Head’ – a super fun track with a very distinct sound :)”

Truples added: “A dinner with Paces at a vegan Asian restaurant in Canberra sparked the idea for doing something emo inspired as a song. A week or so later, I put lyrics together and put it to some of his work-in-progress beats. It worked out pretty well as I used to be in a post-hardcore band before I started Truples and writing stuff like that was like second nature to me. The lyrics focus on the self-tormenting damage and the fight within oneself to feel something while grabbing the inspiration from 2000s emo/punk lyrics of sensory abilities failing as a metaphor for being sad and angsty (which was super fun to write).”