Chris Conroy Addresses The Uncertainties Of Moving Forward In “Sink Or Swim”


Photo: Michael Rogers. Left to right: Eric, Jeff, Chris, & Aran

Rising artist Chris Conroy navigates through the uncertainties of moving forward to pursue his dreams in his latest single “Sink or Swim.” It’s power pop where Conroy admits being attached to his comfort zone, but is willing to sacrifice it in order to achieve his goals. While there is a desire to keep moving, “Sink or Swim” is a broody piece where Conroy’s deep-cutting vocals soar seamlessly. Hit play:

Named after his grandfather (who was the only other music lover of his family), Conroy started songwriting in his late teens addressing heavy-hearted topics of vulnerability, happiness, loss, and love. “Sink or Swim” is his second single and the follow up of his debut release “Dive.”